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Monthly Archives: August 2019

Custom K9 Program

Our Custom K9 program is designed for those clients that want the experience of picking a puppy and selecting the training package that goes into developing the pup into the working K9 of their dreams. This program also offers a financing option for your next fully trained protection dog.  Clients are able to select any of the below packages to put their new puppy through.  

A puppy is selected from one of our available pups or reserved from an upcoming litter.  We will assist you in making the selection as not all pups are born equal.  Depending on your personal needs, the necessary genetic temperament of your puppy may vary. As such, we will ensure you end up selecting a pup that best fits your personal needs and desires.
Once you have selected your puppy, you purchase the pup and he or she remains here for the next stage of training and development.

Each level of training takes a certain amount of 

time. Our training is billed on a per month 

basis, however bigger packages receive a certain discount on our per month charge. 
Once you have selected a package we progress your dog through our training levels.
The total for the training package you select is divided into monthly payments due at the beginning of each month.


PUPPY FOUNDATIONS TRAINING  – Training time 4 weeks
$2800+ taxes
Your puppy begins his or her training journey here at Shield K9.  Your pup undergoes extensive socialization and environmental exposure.  This is the same program we put our prospective Police K9 prospects through. 

Your puppy also commences basic obedience and house training using primarily positive reinforcement to stimulate the pup’s interest and joy in learning. Basic Obedience commands including SIT, DOWN, STAY, PLACE, COME, KENNEL and Leash walking are addressed.
We also begin setting the foundation for protection work the pup will learn as he begins to mature and drive building.

Advanced Obedience / Protection Prep – Training time 14 weeks
$8500 + taxes
Your puppy now has basic puppy obedience and house training.  It’s time to take things further and make your pup’s obedience more reliable.  We now begin fine tuning the pup’s understanding of the obedience. He now begins to become more reliable and capable in his work. In this stage we introduce the E COLLAR and commence OFF LEASH 

The pup’s drive also continues to be developed and foundation protection work continues. By the end of this stage, your pup now has more training and ability then most adult dogs ever have.


LEVEL I FREEDOM DOG – Training time 4-5 months
$11,250 + taxes
In this package your dog goes through our FREEDOM TRAINING that stops people in their tracks as they can’t believe what they are seeing! Imagine being able to go anywhere with your pup off leash completely obedient to your every command. Not only will you have a beautiful dog, but you will also have the kind of obedience and control most people only ever see on TV or in the movies.


LEVEL II FAMILY PROTECTION DOG – Training time 7 – 8 months
$16,550 including dog + taxes
In this package your dog goes through our FREEDOM TRAINING that stops people in their tracks as well as our complete family protection package.
Your dog learns bitework fundamentals, grip development, aggression on command and the training to deter and engage in basic threat scenarios. The dog is socialized and prepared for life in the family home.

$24,250 including dog + taxes
In this portion of the training your dog is progressed to an advanced level of command and control. The dog is taught advanced fighting skills, how to deal with passive threats, advanced protection scenarios similar to what a Police K9 would learn and advanced tactical obedience.  Your dog is honed into a proficient working K9 that is capable of dealing with any threat scenario. This level of training is reserved only for puppies of the highest quality.

Your dog is now trained and ready to go home with you. It is now time for you to do anywhere from 1 to 5 sessions with a Shield K9 trainer to familiarize yourself with your new dog and ensure you understand how best to maintain the training and structure that has been instilled in your Custom K9 moving forward. We will be there with you every step of the way ensuring that you, your family and new dog have maximum success moving forward.  Delivery to your home is available for an extra cost.

How much does a Shield K9 Protection Dog cost?

Prices can range widely depending on what you are specifically looking for in terms of a dog and training. Prices are generally between $14,000 to $75,000 for a trained and
 health tested dog.

All our Protection K9’s come with a health guarantee and lifetime training support. We can deliver your new dog in person and provide a two-day familiarization course in handling and tactical application of your new K9 partner.

Are your dogs healthy?

All our dogs come with health certificates and X-Rays of their joints, proving their ability to stand up to the rigors of working to protect you and your family. We also provide a written health guarantee with your new dog.

Why buy Shield K9 dogs?

Many people simply believe that buying any German Shepherd or other guardian breed is all that is required for a good family protection dog. The sad reality is that most dogs, even from guardian type breeds, do not have the necessary working ability and character to seriously fulfill this role.

Most dogs available on the pet market have been bred exclusively for looks, dog shows or just to be nice pets. The traits necessary for real work, including family protection, have not been preserved and have thus vanished.

Our dogs are the 1%. We select these dogs on our buy trips to Europe as well as from our own breeding program. We go through hundreds of dogs to get to our final selections. We do not buy trained dogs as our training program in one of the best in the world. Instead, we buy the BEST genetic product. The dogs with the highest levels of courage, stability and willingness to do the job be it protection or police work. Our dogs are hand selected and trained for these tasks.

Want something family friendly that you can take to Starbucks? We have it.
Need a Tier one dog that you can go to war with? We have them.
Looking for a property protection dog? We have those too.

Our dogs and training are second to none. Give us a call today and we will help you find what you need.

All our dogs come from proven working bloodlines and have generations of real work and titles in their pedigrees.

How does shipping work?

If you reside a significant distance from Ontario, Canada, we will ship your dog to an airport near your place of residence. For clients in North America we can ship the dog via ground transport straight to your door.

We can also travel with your new dog, deliver him in person and provide on site training for several days to ensure you are fully comfortable handling your new partner.
Depending on the dog you are purchasing, there may be an extra cost associated with this.

What should I expect from my Protection Dog?

A quality protection dog should have the following features:​

  • Safe and social with the family.
  • Provides an active deterrent through his presence alone, just the sight of one of our dogs is enough to quell most criminal urges.
  • Always alert to potential intruders and alerts his owners to the presence of potential bad guys.
  • Will engage an aggressor or intruder if commanded by his handler.
  • Reliable obedience which makes him safe out in public and with the family.

What is the process of getting a Protection Dog?

Review our available dogs and contact us if you have any questions.

Many of our dogs already have training in place and as such dogs can be made available in as little as a weeks time. During the final stages in the training process we encourage you to come down and have a few familiarization sessions with your new K9 protector.

If you do not reside in the area, not to worry. We can provide video instruction and familiarization with your new dog.
When it’s time to take your dog home, you will have multiple delivery options which we outline in the shipping section below.