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Protection Dogs For The Real World

Haz Othman - Owner, Shield K9 Dog Training & Sales

Haz Othman – Owner, Shield K9 Dog Training & Sales

We provide beautiful, imposing dogs with superior training. With over a decade in training and working dogs, you can trust us to provide you with a high-caliber dog that is right for you.

We specifically train and sell working dogs for private security or law enforcement applications. To that end we offer dogs both green and trained that are hand picked from generations of proven working blood. We also have an in house breeding program for the Presa Canario Mastiff.

Our number one goal in both the breeding and import of working dogs is performance. We refuse to compromise on genetics, work ability, health and courage as we believe these are the traits essential to all working dogs.
Haz Othman – Owner

Our Shield K9 Team

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