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Our Training Methods

Our mantra is REAL TRAINING for the REAL WORLD. All our training systems are based on this outlook.

Our goal, is for clients to come away from our training with a K9 partner that follows commands every time in a prompt, reliable manner, regardless of environment or distractions.

No amount of talk can substitute for the real deal. As such, we have posted videos below of dogs we have trained in both sport, protection and pet applications.

For our clients that meet us in person, we are always happy to do demo’s on site with some of our trained dogs.

We are students of numerous training systems. Understanding that all dogs are unique and require different approaches to reach your training goals is the key to our success.

Operating from a RESULTS based perspective means we refuse to wed ourselves to any specific method or system. Positive re-enforcement, corrections, or a combination of both. All have a place in an effective training system.
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