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TRAINED Protection Dogs For Sale

protection dog

A protection dog sitting next to his handler.

We raise and sell fully trained Protection Dogs suitable for family, corporate, and private security employment.

We are proud to breed and raise our own dogs at our state of the art dog training facility in Ontario, Canada. We also carry meticulously selected and trained European imports.

Available dogs can be seen on our Dogs For Sale site.

Contact us if you would like to view our selection of dogs in person.

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Police Dogs For Sale

Trained Police Dog

Police Dog born and bred at Shield K9 with his handler

We have many fully trained Malinois and German Shepherd police dogs for sale available year-round right here at our own facility.

Along with these trained dogs, we have many great contacts in Europe that make green dogs readily available to us in a matter of days.

Prior narc detection training and apprehension are also available if required.

All of our trained Police dogs come a working guarantee and X-Rays. Free trials are also available for approved departments.

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German Shepherds For Sale

We are highly selective when choosing the dogs that we choose to train.

We accept only the best European German Shepherd bloodlines that have a proven history of working champions and service dogs throughout many generations.

We hand pick these European imports for their temperament, working ability, and health.

Unfortunately, most North American German Shepherds lack the temperament necessary for effective protection or Police dog work. This considerably minimizes the availability of suitable dogs with the qualities required for protection training.

For this reason, we have developed our own custom German Shepherd breeding program that uses only the best dog pedigrees. GENETICS matter!

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Puppies For Sale

PuppyOur puppies are bred in our own special puppy breeding program right here at our own dedicated facility in Ontario.

We consistently produce confident, social dogs with pronounced and effective working qualities.

Learn more about our puppy raising program.

Contact us if you would like to view our selection of dogs in person.

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