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Freedom Package

What is a Freedom Dog?

Our freedom dog package is exactly what it sounds like, a FREE dog.  We believe that there is no better way to share your life with a dog then for that dog to live and work off leash and free! 

Dogs trained through our freedom dog program are able to live and work with their handlers and families completely off leash. Not only does this make for a happy dog that gets to enjoy the world in a safe productive manner but it also ensures that the handler remains hands free and carefree when they are with their dog.

How We Train a Freedom Dog

Our freedom dog training program is designed to create a thinking dog that is reliable and responsive out in the real world. Dogs trained in our freedom program are trained through a combination of motivation and obligation.

In the beginning, we introduce new behaviors in a motivational context. Once the dogs completely understand the expected behavior we then teach them that commands are non optional.

Our dogs do not require constant bribery in order to behave yet preform their tasks reliably and with enthusiasm.

Which Dogs are Freedom Trained?

All our trained protection dogs are freedom trained. We also offer young freedom trained dogs for sale at times that are listed on this website. freedom dog training can also be added to the purchase of one of our puppies.

Pricing: Please note pricing on this website is for dogs from our program here. If you want freedom training for a dog or puppy you already own please contact us.

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