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Be a Co-Owner / Puppy Raiser!


We often have female dogs and puppies available for heavily discounted prices under co ownership agreements. We often have top sport and protection prospects available as these are the only dogs we will use for breeding. The typical length of co ownership agreements are between 2 to 4 litters and may vary depending on the individual dogs and money down.  Former clients and individuals known to us will be given priority for co own opportunities.

To be considered for a co own home you must:
  • Be within 2 hours of our location in Puslinch, Ontario

  • Be over the age of 21, in a stable life situation and have your own residence

  • Display an acceptable level of knowledge in relation to the raising and training of working puppies

  • **Priority given to co owners who are members of working dog clubs, pursuing sport titles


Dog will be given into the custody of the co owner under the following stipulations:
  • The co ownership agreement will last until the dog has produced the agreed upon number of litters at which point the co owner will assume full ownership and registration rights to the dog in question
  • Co Owner will assume responsibility for the routine medical care, feeding, general care and training for the dog
  • Breeder will pay for any medical costs incurred in relation to the breeding and whelping process
  • Co Owner will pursue all agreed upon training and unique care requirements for the dog. (May vary from dog to dog)
  • Co Owner will notify breeder as soon as the dog enters a heat cycle and make the dog available to the breeder throughout that period either via pick up or drop off until the dog has been bred
  • Co Owner will deliver the dog into the breeders custody one week prior to the litter’s due date where the dog will remain until the puppies are 4-5 weeks of age at which point the dog will be returned to the co owner
  • Prior to breeding if the dog is deemed unsuitable for breeding by the breeder, (Shield K9) for any reason the co owner will be given the option to either 1) Purchase the dog outright and assume full ownership 2) Return the dog to Shield K9
  • Failure to adhere to any of these stipulations will result in the immediate repossession of the dog by Shield K9.


We often have young dogs and puppies we are raising to become Police or Personal Protection dogs.  These young puppies require exposure to numerous environmental stimuli that are simply not available at our kennel. As such we seek to place our puppies with families interested in offering them a stimulating and educational upbringing that prepares them for this life.  
Our puppy raisers will typically keep and raise our pups until they are 10 months old. During this time you will be expected to come to our location and do some training with us on a semi regular basis, 1-2 times per month. Shield K9 will provide food and vet care. 
Puppy Raisers will receive $1600 upon completion of the “raise” period.

1. Live within 1.5 hours of our location in Puslinch
2. Be available for minimum 2 training sessions per month
3. Be above the age of 21, have an appropriate residence and a stable life situation

If you think you would be interested in raising one of our puppies, please contact us with your details.
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