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German Shepherd Breeding Females

Xisi Venusina Sopka IGP2

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Health Testing: HD A ED 00 

Xisi comes to us from the Czech Republic. She is titled IGP 2 and shows all the characteristics we want in a breeding female. Strong drive, environmentals and courage. She brings forward some strong old blood in her pedigree and we look forward to using it in our program.

Quina z Vetrovej Luky ZVV1

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Health Testing: HD A ED 00 DM N/N

Quina is a compact, fast, intense bitch with high drive and solid environmental nerves. Quina is a Czech import that boasts a stacked pedigree with top working blood. She is a proven producer that makes strong working puppies.

Iza od Snejnez Rieky

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Health Testing: HD A ED 00

Iza is a BIG girl from old Slovak Police lines. We imported her from the Czech Republic the second she was shown to us. Natural grips, super drive and hunt. Social open behavior with a willing temperament. We expect Iza to be one of our foundation females.

Epic “Amelia” De Lupus Saevus

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Health Testing: OFA Fair / Normal

Epic is a Hopper vom Brachpetal daughter. She is a medium strong female with nice drive and structure. She has a sociable character, good nerves and full natural grips. 

Vera zo Severnej Hranice

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Health Testing: HD C ED 00  DM:N/N

Vera is a medium large female with full genetic grips, drive, hunt and the type of nerve we look for in our Police K9. Outside of the work she has a very calm laid back demeanor and is a very easy keeper. Vera has proven herself in the whelping box and is probably my favorite female production wise. Her first litter with us, our C litter produced some outstanding dogs that can be seen on our Youtube channel. Healthy hips and elbows as well as stable temperments and intense drive that impress anyone that watch them work.

Glitzy von der Staatsmacht

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Health Testing: Pre Xrays Good/Good

Glitzy is a well built black female from the famed Staatsmacht kennel. True her type she is fast, has full hard grips and is very independent. Her pedigree is full of heavy hitters and those who see her work know that this bitch will be very valuable in the whelping box.

Charli von Ibso BH, AD (RETIRED)

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Health Testing: OFA Good, Elbows Normal DM N/N

Charli is a medium female with a compact yet substantial structure. She is a very fast female with insane ball drive, excellent hunting and tracking behaviors. Charli is definitely more aggressive in the bite work and carries a high level of aggression while remaining clear headed. She is ideal for producing true Police K9 and Family Protection dogs.
See Arco vom Shield videos on our youtube channel a Charli son and one of the strongest dogs we produced to date.

Orange von Electric Area BH (RETIRED)

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Health Testing: HD – A  ED – 00 Excellent hips, elbow and spine. DM N/N

Orange is a substantial female that has a very forward powerful presence.  Orange has deep powerful grips with nicely balanced aggression. Orange is a harder female that has excellent drive, gripping behavior coupled with piles of ball drive.