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Presa Canario Breeding Females

Fiona de Mozacan Bull

Fiona is a black brindle female that comes to us from Romania. Her sire is the famous D’Robusto de Targoviste, who brings in the Irema Curto blood noted for strong working qualities and excellent conformation.

Fiona is definitely a fierce, pushy female and she definitely passes this on to her puppies. She is also FCI registered.

Next Litter: Dec 2018

Sahara de Tibicenas

Sahara is a substantial female with a huge head and heavy bone.This fawn girl is a direct import from the Canary Islands and is extremely protective of children, women and puppies. This big girl steps up to the plate when she perceives a threat to her people or property. Sahara is definitely an easy keeper with a lovable temperament.

Next Litter: Dec 2018

Arena de Mangobull

Arena is a Romanian import with an exceptionally bombproof temperament. Arena has a beautiful structure with a deep chest and heavy bone. Arena is the kind of dog you can trust in any situation. When paired with the correct stud, Arena produces social, highly-driven puppies capable of the working qualities we look for here at Shield K9.

Next Litter: Dec 2018