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German Shepherd Puppies


We currently have some puppies on the ground and more expected soon.  We are currently taking deposits on current and upcoming litters.
Puppies are often sold before being individually listed and as such our recommendation is that if you are serious about a puppy from us that you make a deposit to get on our list.  We then suggest you email or phone us and indicate the type of puppy you are interested in so that we can categorize your deposit.

At 6 to 7 weeks of age we test the puppies. Puppies are then classified as working potential or active family potential. We make the selections for the buyers based on their needs and preferences. We NEVER give free access to the litter for people to pick as we are best equipped to ensure the buyer receives the ideal puppy.

If you are on the list for a puppy and the current litter does not have a dog we believe suitable for you, your deposit will be moved to the next litter. 

Colors vary from litter to litter but we generally have sables, bi colors and blacks.

Our breeding dogs are all listed on our GERMAN SHEPHERDS page were you can view our dogs.

Price for our puppies is $5000 cad or $4000 usd and TRAINING PACKAGES are additional. We ship all across Canada, the USA and the UK.