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K9 Mace



Name: Mace
Breed: Dutch Shepherd 
Age: 3 years

Mace is a monster of a Dutch Shepherd that turns heads wherever he goes.
On my last trip to Europe the second I saw him and the instant I saw him work I knew he was special. First off, the moment he walks into the room all eyes go to him, huge head, chest with a commanding presence. He does everything with power and intensity. Yet he is good with the handler and once he likes you is good to handle. I love having dogs like this in my kennel and program. These are the dogs that are rare, exceptional and not easy to find anywhere. Dogs that will go into a dark alley with you and make sure you come out the other side but also stable enough to walk down the street and go to the coffee shop. 

Mace is in training still but will be suitable as a top tier protection dog or police K9. This dog will not be for everybody or all situations. You must earn the right to handle him, but for someone looking for something special this is the dog.

Mace’s X-Rays show healthy hips, elbows and spine and he will come with a 3 year health guarantee

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