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K9 Rico – Sold to USA

K9 Rico


Name: Rico
Breed: Malinois 
Age: 18 months

Rico is a large male Malinois imported from Holland.  Rico is a social dog, very confident with a big presence. On our European buy trips we keep an eye out for dogs exactly like Rico. Strong, stable, large, courageous and easy to handle. All the staff here at Shield take Rico out and work with him. From obedience to bitework, Rico is a TOP tier dog.
Rico will do well for clients that live in a busy situation. He is not going to bite the maid or grandma, but if there is a viable threat he will engage on command.
If you are looking for a dog to play in bite sport like PSA, Rico is also that dog with big grips and a biddable temperment he has the quality for bite sport.

Rico’s X-Rays show healthy hips, elbows and spine and he will come with a 3 year health guarantee

Rico will be available as a Level III Executive Level Protector.

Please inquire for price

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