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K9 Zoey

K9 Zoey


Name: Shield’s ZOEY
Breed: Herder (info on breeding below)

Zoey is a compact female, high food and ball drive. She is fully off leash obedience trained, has protection training and is very good with the handler.
This female would be suitable for someone looking to play in bite sport or just wanting an active companion. She is not a fan of strangers but not overtly aggressive with people she passes on the street. She is very social with everyone she knows.

We typically only breed registered working line German Shepherds but sometimes you see a dog so special that you have to use him in your program. That dog was Rex Ph1, only problem being he was a Malinois. REX VIDEO
So naturally we bred to him to our best female Charli. 
We had 5 puppies and we kept two. Arco and his sister Axa.  ARCO’s VIDEO
Arco we sold as a top tier trained dog and Axa we kept for breeding. 
Our second herder litter ever. 75% German Shepherd Slovak / West German lines 25% KNPV / NVBK Malinois lines.

Our 2nd gen Herder litter is here. Intense IGP lines meet KNPV and NVBK. This is a breeding for working dogs for LE and Protection dogs.
Sire: Onyx von D’Andico IGP3, sired numerous offspring with strong working character and good joints.
Dam: Axa vom Shield out of the notorious Rex Ph1 x Charli von Ibso. Charli was one of the best females we have ever had and is also the dam to Haz’s current sport dog Gage.
Axa has clear joints.

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