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Onyx von D’Andico BH, IGP3

Onyx von D’Andico IGP3


Dob: April 9.2015
OFA Fair/Normal DM Clear

This is your chance to own a top level German Shepherd with an extremely high level of training. Dogs of this caliber and training level are rarely available.
We have decided to retire Onyx from active competition. He has achieved his IGP3 and we have been using him prolifically as a stud dog. His pups have gone on to be police k9, protection dogs and family companions.. I feel Onyx has done all he needs to do in the sport and has given us many puppies, a number of which we have kept to produce the next generation. As such, I am offering Onyx for sale to the RIGHT person as I am very busy with training a number of other dogs.

Onyx loves hiking, he has no issues with the handler once he knows you. He travels very well and is clean and quiet in the crate. Onyx is also a very serious dog in every sense of the word. Very powerful in bitework, loves obedience and tracking. Onyx will protect your home and your person and he is as real as a heart attack.
He gets a long fine with female dogs and generally ignores people he does not know.
He will do great with a home that has the time to take him on regular walks, throw the ball for him and just let him enjoy life. 
He will not be suitable for homes with children or a lot of people coming in and out. He is not aggressive with children, however we will not take chances. He is a very strong and serious type dog.
If you are interested in Onyx feel free to contact us and we will talk.