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Our Level 1 protection dogs have functional obedience on and off the leash. Common commands include: heel, come, sit, down, and place. The dog will show aggression upon threat detection and start / stop upon command.
These Level 2 protection dogs have exceptional house manners and will not just offer aggression upon threat detection or command, but also engage an active threat to protect the handler and cease on command.
Level 3 protection dogs also patrol your property and vehicles. These dogs are trained to engage in the defense of the handler and family through the use of advanced defense and fighting skills for different threat scenarios.
Level 4 protection dogs are fully trained with complete tactical obedience. They have advanced on / off leash obedience and will defend yourself, your home, and your property upon threat detection or command.

Personal Protection Training Packages.

A well trained protection dog, capable of controlled aggression is a proven deterrent to home invasions, robbery, assaults and can even save your life.

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