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Puppy Training Programs

Our trained puppies are raised here in our puppy program
and are often offered for sale. After they reach 8 weeks of age, we often select several puppies for further obedience training and potential development in our protection program. We have a graded program that our puppies are enrolled in.

Grade I

Length of Program: 4 weeks 
Cost: $2500

In grade 1, our puppies immediately begin advanced socialization and advanced behavior evaluation. As experienced professionals, we are able to identify the probable future temperament of individual puppies and thus determine the home situation that will be ideal for them. 

Puppies also begin crate training which is essential to house breaking, avoiding separation anxiety and safe transport.  We begin teaching basic obedience in this stage of development using primarily positive reinforcement. At this point our goal is to teach the pups that obedience is fun.  Those puppies that are deemed suitable for our protection program also begin light foundation bite work.

Grade II

Length of Program: 8 weeks
Cost: $5000

This program includes all components described in Grade I.

In this stage, we begin to focus more on creating more reliable obedience.  Our work is still primarily reward based but the puppies begin to learn the concept of obligation to obedience. Behaviors such as loose leash walking, sit, down, place / stay, come are perfected. Manners and healthy social interactions are also a focus in this stage of development.

Puppies in our protection program continue to progress with bite work and are introduced to light agitation.

Grade III

Length of Program: 14 weeks 
Cost: $6500

This program includes all components described in Grade I and II.

Puppies in this stage begin to show the polish and precision you see in some of our videos of older dogs.  At this point, we are asking for reliable obedience and the pup to ignore heavy distraction.  Puppies are now being taken into public places like the city or department stores to proof their obedience. 

Off leash commands are introduced and perfected.  Puppies completing Grade III of our trained puppy program are more obedient then most adult dogs you will ever meet!  Able to ignore distraction, follow commands and show healthy social interactions.

Pups in our protection program are shown more advanced protection training including grip development, targeting, appropriate pressure etc.

Behaviors include: Recall, heel, loose leash walking, sit, down, place / stay, fetch.