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Why buy Shield K9 dogs?

Many people simply believe that buying any German Shepherd or other guardian breed is all that is required for a good family protection dog. The sad reality is that most dogs, even from guardian type breeds, do not have the necessary working ability and character to seriously fulfill this role.

Most dogs available on the pet market have been bred exclusively for looks, dog shows or just to be nice pets. The traits necessary for real work, including family protection, have not been preserved and have thus vanished.

Our dogs are the 1%. We select these dogs on our buy trips to Europe as well as from our own breeding program. We go through hundreds of dogs to get to our final selections. We do not buy trained dogs as our training program in one of the best in the world. Instead, we buy the BEST genetic product. The dogs with the highest levels of courage, stability and willingness to do the job be it protection or police work. Our dogs are hand selected and trained for these tasks.

Want something family friendly that you can take to Starbucks? We have it.
Need a Tier one dog that you can go to war with? We have them.
Looking for a property protection dog? We have those too.

Our dogs and training are second to none. Give us a call today and we will help you find what you need.

All our dogs come from proven working bloodlines and have generations of real work and titles in their pedigrees.
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